Our Story

Yinzer’s Amazing Cheesesteaks is a local cheesesteak restaurant dedicated to bringing you the best Pittsburgh- style cheesesteaks in New Orleans!

Mike & Colleen met in Pittsburgh in 2011, where she was born and raised in the South Hills.  Colleen was attending Point Park University for a degree in Lighting Design and Scenic painting for theatre.  Mike had just graduated from the University of Pittsburgh. He worked as a manager at Campus Deli, and worked the door at Gene's Place (where they met.)  Mike decided to move to New Orleans in 2013, shortly after they began dating. Colleen followed in 2015 after visiting New Orleans and falling totally in love. They realized their mutual adoration of cheesesteaks shortly after.

They began doing cheesesteak PopUps at the Aline Street Beer Garden & The Rusty Nail in 2016 under the name "Mike's Cheesesteaks," and then "Mike's Amazing Cheesesteaks." Colleen joined Mike after a few weeks of operating, and they made it a weekly event.  Jokingly, their friend Pete who owned the Prytania Bar at the time crossed out "Mike" one day and wrote "Yinzer's" in it's place. Colleen and Mike loved this and decided to officially become "Yinzer's Amazing Cheesesteaks."

After two years at the Beer Garden, they changed locations to Rendezvous Tavern and set up on the back patio every Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday. When the pandemic shutdown happened, they knew it was time to settle into their own brick & mortar. Now, you can get your favorite cheesesteak every Thursday through Monday at 1514 Delachaise St.! 

Colleen & Mike like to think that Pittsburgh-style cheesesteaks are less judgmental. They encourage their customers to get everything that they want on their cheesesteak, especially their favorite toppings, mushrooms, & mayo. In Mike’s words, “Do what makes you happy!”

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